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To ensure quality assurance Purple Mouse does not make use of third parties and freelance trainers. Michael has attended internationally recognised Train-the-Trainer courses to offer the very best training to the people of South Africa at prices that are in line with our economy.

COURSE TITLE: TECHMATE - technical knowledge base for video professionals


 All users creating pristine video content for broadcast and web based content will benefit from technical training.


Video editing requires a unique blend of creative and technical skills. This comprehensive one day workshop is designed to provide videomakers from Youtubers to Professionals with technical savvy ensuring that informed options are taken at every level of the production process.

COURSE DURATION: 1 day (09.00 – 16.00).

COST: R2 800 incl.

HOW TO REQUEST A SEAT:  click here to make a booking


Video codecs – a different codec for each phase of production and delivery

Container formats – distinguishing between container formats and codecs

Pixel resolution – 720x576 1920x1080 2K 4K

Aspect ratios – considerations for combining 4X3 and 16X9 media

Bit rate – how bit rate affects image quality

Principles of media scanning – interlace versus progressive scan

Field ordering – combining odd & even field dominance media and avoiding pitfalls

Frame rates – mixing source media frame rates and expected outcomes  

Freeze frames – avoiding pixellation artifacts and creating jitter free freezes

Slo-mo – procedures for incorporating smoother slo-mo effects

Graphics – working with non-standard image sizes

Alpha channels – importing and incorporating alpha channels

Timecode - uses from from camera to output

Metadata - data about data, making it work for you

Audio Sample rates – converting incorrect sample rates for timeline editing

Colour space – avoiding colour discrepancies by distinguishing between RGB YCbCr  CMYK Rec601 Rec709 HDR

Colour correction – adjusting white balance for colour continuity

Video levels - adjusting levels to comply with broadcast specifications